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  • Court Rules That Wolf Haggadah Belongs to the Jews of Berlin

    After weighing competing claims of ownership, the Supreme Court here has decided that the rare Wolf Haggadah belongs to the Jewish community of Berlin. The court ruled last week that the Hagaddah should on no account be restituted to those who had unjustly appropriated it, and said its rightful owner was the Jews of East… More ▸

  • Civil Unrest Spreads in Galilee

    Civil unrest spread Tuesday in Galilee, where economic worries are affecting light industry as well as the agricultural sector. Several hundred townspeople from Hatzor Haglilit blocked the main highway and faced down police in a demonstration against the possible loss of their jobs. Four people were arrested, including the local schoolmaster, who brought children to… More ▸

  • Chairman of Koor Resigns

    The chairman of Koor Industries, Arnon Gafni, resigned Monday in protest against efforts to sell the financially ailing conglomerate to foreign investors. Gafni accused Benny Gaon, director general of the giant Histadrut-owned enterprise, of negotiating behind his back. Gaon, together with government and Hista-drut officials, have been talking to representatives of the American Shamrock Corp…. More ▸

  • UJA Plans New Drive for Soviet Jews but Dollar Goal Hasn’t Been Set Yet

    National officers of the United Jewish Appeal unanimously, agreed at a meeting Monday afternoon to mount a massive fund-raising drive for the absorption of Soviet Jews in Israel. But they have not yet set a dollar amount or a time frame for the special campaign. “There was a sense at the meeting that the incoming… More ▸

  • Jews Are Caught in the Middle of Ethnic Unrest in Azerbaijan

    There were conflicting reports Tuesday on whether Jews are among the casualties in the bloody unrest that has plunged the Soviet republic of Azerbaijan into a virtual civil war. Reports from the Union of Councils for Soviet Jews and on Israel Radio said Jews had died in the bitter fighting between the predominantly Shi’ite Moslem… More ▸

  • Egyptian Reports Progress After Meeting with Baker

    The stalled Middle East peace process may have gained momentum, Egyptian Foreign Minister Esmat Abdel Meguid indicated here Tuesday. “We see already a lot has been achieved during what has been the first phase,” he told reporters following a 75-minute meeting with Secretary of State James Baker at the State Department. “We are now in… More ▸

  • Shamir and Sharon Trade Barbs As They Gear Up for Likud Session

    Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir and his most outspoken rival, Ariel Sharon, are trading barbs in anticipation of an upcoming Likud Central Committee meeting. The committee’s 2,000-plus members will convene Feb. 7 for what Shamir hopes will be a vote of confidence in his peace initiative toward the Palestinians. He and Sharon set the date at… More ▸

  • Palestinians Now Helping the IDF Prevent Murder of Fellow Arabs

    One of the most successful security operations undertaken by the Israel Defense Force in Nablus has encouraged local Palestinians to organize against extremists who terrorize or murder fellow Arabs suspected of collaborating with the Israeli authorities. A month after the IDF wiped out a gang called Black Panthers, which operated in the Nablus casbah, and… More ▸

  • Neo-nazis Surface in Leipzig in Bid to Win Media Coverage

    Neo-Nazis mingled with pro-democracy demonstrators in the East German city of Leipzig on Monday and appeared on West German television with anti-Semitic slogans. Assuming correctly that the city where East Germany’s “peaceful revolution” began last November would be the focus of media attention, all manner of right-wing extremists have gathered there. Last weekend, swastikas and… More ▸