A festive Passover table


NEW YORK, Feb. 24 (JTA) — The following will help “spring” up your Passover table.

• Garden Centerpiece: Fill a large basket with potted African violets, and miniature spring flowers, such as gladiolas or tulips. Cover the tops of pots and basket edges with Spanish moss (found at florists).

· Festive Touch: Tuck several parsley sprigs into the fold of napkins.

· Design Matzah Placecards: On the left side of folded white placecards, outline a ¾ inch square with a brown felt pen. Draw several rows of dashes horizontally across each square, representing perforation marks. To the right of your matzah squares, write one person’s name per card.

· Make Hardboiled Eggs Appear Roasted: Add one onion per egg (skin and all) to the pot of water. Boil for two hours, or until eggs turn a mottled brown. Add water if needed. Eggs will not taste of onions.

· Spring Into Gefilte Fish: Cover a serving platter with fresh lettuce. Place gefilte fish on top, scattering cherry tomatoes throughout.

· Show Off Passover Confections: Serve desserts on pedestal plates, displaying them across your sideboard. Decorate with fresh flowers.

Fill a large glass bowl with artichokes, the season’s quintessential vegetable, plus apples and oranges. Place this harbinger of spring in the foyer to welcome family and friends.

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