Israelis protest rabbinical appointments


religious groups asked Israel’s justice minister to revoke the appointment of 15 new fervently Orthodox rabbinical judges. These dayanim would exacerbate existing bias against women in divorce proceedings, Tzohar, an
organization of Orthodox rabbis, and Emunah, the national religious
women’s group, wrote to Daniel Friedmann.

According to Ha’aretz, Tzohar said the
appointments “run contrary to the Jewish values of the State of Israel and
deliver a harsh blow to the public’s trust in the rabbinical court system.”

The groups added in their letter to Friedmann, “By backing the appointment
method and the actual appointment of these dayanim, you are betraying an entire
public that is forced to deliberate at this court system, a public that includes
miserable women, wrecked families and the oppressed members of society.”

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