Egyptian accused of spying for Israel


Egypt accused one of its nuclear engineers of spying for Israel. The
Egyptian prosecutor’s office on Tuesday alleged that Mohamed Ali, an engineer
with the state’s Atomic Energy Agency, passed
documents on a research reactor to Israel in exchange for money.

Egypt alleged also that two foreigners, an Irishman and a Japanese, recruited
Ali as part of a front operation for Israel in Hong Kong. Ali, 35, was arrested in
February. The two others are wanted by Egyptian authorities.

Israel’s Foreign
Ministry in Jerusalem denied any knowledge of the alleged affair. In the past, Egypt has concocted allegations of spying on behalf of Israel that do not appear to have any basis in reality.

Egypt announced recently that it could pursue nuclear energy, stirring concern
abroad that this could be part of an Arab effort to match Iran’s atomic
ambitions, with the potential for producing bombs.

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