Hezbollah: Bishara not our spy


Hezbollah denied suspicions that Israeli Arab lawmaker Azmi Bishara spied for it during last year’s Lebanon war.”All that is said about his ties to Hezbollah and providing
information to Hezbollah is absolutely not true,” the terrorist group’s
leader, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, said Sunday.

Bishara left Israel last month as police
prepared espionage and treason charges against him, alleging that he
provided Hezbollah with advice on psychological warfare and information that allowed it to shell strategic sites
in Israel during last summer’s war. He has denied
wrongdoing and resigned from Parliament, but has refused to
return to Israel to defend himself.

Nasrallah, who was speaking on Iran’s Al-Alam
television, said Bishara was being targeted by Israeli authorities for his
anti-Zionist views.

“This is a great injustice toward this man and part of
a settling of scores,” he said.

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