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Israelis cool to war

A year after the Hezbollah-Israel war, Israelis are far less supportive of the decision to go to war.According to a Channel 2 TV poll aired Wednesday, 51 percent of Israelis believe Israel was right to attack Hezbollah after the Lebanese militia abducted two Israeli soldiers on July 12, 2006. Forty-three percent believe going to war was a mistake; the remainder of respondents were undecided.A survey conducted by the same pollster last July 17, in the heat of the conflict, found that 86 percent of Israelis backed the war and 14 percent opposed it. The numbers of respondents and margin of error in the polls were not broadcast.Analysts said the polls suggest that Israelis are disenchanted with a campaign that drove Hezbollah from its southern Lebanon strongholds, but failed in its stated objective of recovering the abducted soldiers and drew strong international censure of the Jewish state. In addition, in the year since the war, Hezbollah reportedly has rearmed.