Librescu honored by scholarship


The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum will grant a onetime $18,000 scholarship in memory of the survivor who died protecting students during the Virginia Tech massacre.

The scholarship in memory of Liviu Librescu, a Romanian-born Israeli citizen who taught at Virginia Tech, will be announced during next week’s “Transfer of Testimony” ceremony, an annual event that allocates scholarships to ten high school students from across the United States based on their essays on the Holocaust. During the week-long event, survivors of genocide share their testimony with the students. This year, students will hear from Holocaust survivors as well as survivors of the Darfur genocide.

Librescu’s widow Marlina will attend the ceremony granting the scholarship to one of the ten students, her last event in the United States before she moves back to Israel.

A student on a shooting rampage that claimed 32 lives killed Librescu in April as the survivor blocked his classroom door to allow students to escape. Librescu had taught at the central Virginian campus since 1985.

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