Russia publishes extremist list


The Russian government has published a “black list” of extremist publications and Web sites. The list will serve as a national registry of radical materials, according to the Russian daily Vremya Novosti. It includes such anti-Semitic material as the 1940 Nazi propaganda film “The Wandering Jew.”

The list is part of the recently enacted government ban on “extremist activity” in Russia, which many activists fear may be used to silence democratic dissent in the run-up to next year’s presidential elections.

Sergey Vasilev, head of the agency in charge of the project, said the list will be updated twice a year and will serve as an official source of information about ongoing government prosecutions.

The Russian far-right group the Movement Against Illegal Immigration on Monday posted links to the banned materials on its Web site, showing how difficult banning access to extremist materials is in the age of Internet telecommunications.

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