Israeli troops report Egyptian killing of Sudanese


Israeli soldiers reported seeing Egyptian troops kill three Sudanese refugees trying to cross the border.

In a report on Israel’s Channel 10 TV, the Israelis said they saw the refugees running toward the border late Wednesday night. Egyptian troops shot one to death, the Israeli soldiers said. The Israelis tried to help the other two, but the Egyptians raised their guns at the Israelis, they said. The Egyptians then beat the two remaining Sudanese to death, according to the account.

Ha’aretz reported that the army was looking into the incident. The Associated Press quoted Egyptian authorities as saying that they arrested two Sudanese refugees Wednesday and that one was seriously injured in a scuffle.

Hundreds of Sudanese fleeing their war torn land have entered Israel after crossing through Egypt. At first Israel pressed Egypt to stop the flow, but reports of cruelty and the killing of a Sudanese woman last months have led Israel to reconsider what to do with the refugees.

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