Video appears to show neo-Nazi slayings


A video posted on a popular Russian Web site appears to show neo-Nazis murdering two men.

The victims in the video, which was posted originally on and later on YouTube, are from Tajik and the internal Russian republic of Dagestan, according to the Russian news Web site

Titled “The Execution of a Tajik and a Dagestani,” the video reportedly shows one man being decapitated and another being shot in the back of his head. The video has been removed from LiveJournal and YouTube.

Still photos, which remained on LiveJournal as of Monday evening, show both men kneeling before a swastika flag.

Postings by readers of LiveJournal show a mixed reaction, ranging from praise and neo-Nazi slogans to disgust and anti-fascist statements, including one threat of retaliatory violence against neo-Nazis.

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