Vanunu appeals new prison sentence


Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu appealed a prison sentence he received for unauthorized contacts with foreigners.

Vanunu, who completed an 18-year jail term for treason in 2004 but has been barred from leaving Israel, was handed a new six-month prison sentence in July for speaking to the foreign press without state approval.

His lawyers said Monday they had filed an appeal with the Jerusalem District Court, which should deliver its decision within three months. Should the prison sentence be upheld, Vanunu may have the option of turning to the Supreme Court.

Israeli officials argue that Vanunu’s movements and contacts must be limited because he has more secrets to spill about the Dimona nuclear reactor, where he used to work as a midlevel technician.

Vanunu denies the charge, saying he just wants to start a new life abroad, but has won few friends in the Jewish state by railing against Zionism and repeating his past disclosures about the Israeli nuclear program.


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