Bush warns N. Korea on nuclear export


President Bush warned North Korea not to export its nuclear weapons capabilities.

In a press conference Thursday, Bush refused four times to comment on allegations that Israel struck deep into Syrian territory two weeks ago, targeting nuclear material shipped to Syria by North Korea. However, the president said he was willing to comment in general on allegations that North Korea exports its nuclear know-how, contrary to an emerging agreement in its talks with the international community.

“We have made it clear, and will continue to make it clear to the North Koreans through the six-party talks, that we expect them to honor their commitment to give up weapons and weapons programs, and to the extent that they are proliferating, we expect them to stop that proliferation,” Bush said. He added that he was referring to “the exportation of information and/or materials.”

Israel has similarly refused comment on the alleged attack, although opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu stirred controversy this week when he apparently confirmed he had knowledge of the attack.

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