Blair’s wife fights for British spy


The wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair is fighting for recognition of a British spy who fought the Nazis.

Attorney Cherie Booth appeared in a London court Friday to help gain legal recognition for Paul Rosbaud, who tried to undermine the Nazis.

The Austrian-born Rosbaud’s efforts are mostly unknown because documents pertaining to his activities are sealed in the archives of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service. Booth and Rosbaud’s nephew, Vincent Frank-Steiner, are trying to force the intelligence service to release the documents.

A scientific journalist, Rosbaud was able to provide information on Hitler’s weapons program to Britain and warn the world of the Reich’s nuclear ambitions.

Rosbaud, who died in 1963, was recruited by and worked closely with Maj. Frank Foley, a British diplomat and spy in prewar Berlin who as a passport control officer saved thousands of Jews from concentration camps.

No date for the conclusion of the case has been established.

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