A Taste of Africa In Israel


The names in the news in Israel in recent days are Rambo, Shelly and Tibor.

No last names.

They are, respectively, two giraffes and a white rhinoceros.

Rambo and Shelly, 2-year-old giraffes born in Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo, found a new home last week at the Ramat Gan Safari Park near Tel Aviv. The previous week, Tanda gave birth to Tibor, the first baby rhino born in the safari park in 15 years. Mother and calf were reported in good health.

Tibor, who takes his place among 10 adult rhinos at the safari park, helps its effort to repopulate the endangered species.
The giraffes will soon be released to the park’s African Savannah area.

The 250-acre safari park offers African animals — hippos, elephants, storks, etc. — the chance to roam free in a wide-open plain. Visitors observe from closed vehicles.

The breeding has been so successful that the safari park exports animals around the world.