Ukraine president to discuss anti-Semitism spike


Ukraine’s president will meet Jewish leaders Monday to discuss Ukraine’s recent spike in anti-Semitic attacks.

The meeting, set for the president’s office in Kiev, comes on the heels of widespread Jewish criticism of government inaction regarding the mounting attacks against Jews and other minorities in the country.

Last week, European Jewish Congress President Moshe Kantor cancelled an official visit to Kiev in protest.

Law enforcement officials and other prominent leaders will take part in Monday’s meeting.

Ukrainian President Viktor Yuschenko is expected to make a statement afterward on plans to stem the tide of ethnic hatred and anti-Semitic attacks in Ukraine.

In late September, three separate attacks on observant Jews took place on consecutive days in the cities of Zhitomir, Sevastopol and Cherkassy. On Oct. 5, the Chabad house in the city of Uzhgorod was robbed and set ablaze.

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