Rice on 7th Middle East tour this year


Condoleezza Rice is set to return to the Middle East, her seventh visit to the region this year.

The tour by the U.S. secretary of state will include the West Bank and Israel from Nov. 4-6 “to continue her discussions with Israeli and Palestinian leaders to support their ongoing bilateral dialogue and the serious effort underway to draft a joint document that could lay the foundation for negotiations,” a State Department statement said.

Rice is convening a peace conference in Annapolis Md. in late November or early December, and has said she wants to go into the conference with the outline of a plan that will culminate in Palestinian statehood.

During her Israel visit, Rice will address the Saban Forum, the colloquium headed by Martin Indyk, the former U.S. ambassador to Israel and funded by hail Saban, the Israeli-American kids’ entertainment magnate.

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