Mofaz calls for ElBaradei’s ouster


Israel’s top strategic negotiator called for the removal of the U.N.’s chief nuclear inspector.

“Replacing him would be the right choice,” Shaul Mofaz said of Mohammed ElBaradei, who heads the International Atomic Energy Agency. “The way he talks, his policies – these endanger the world.”

Israel is furious with ElBaradei for saying he has no real evidence of an Iranian nuclear weapons program.

Mofaz, Israel’s transportation minister, was in Washington Thursday to lead Israel’s side in the U.S.-Israel strategic dialogue.

Past IAEA reports charging Iran with a lack of transparency about its nuclear ambitions have been critical in getting the U.N. Security Council to impose sanctions. Israel wants the Security Council to declare a third round of sanctions.

Mofaz said such sanctions would be Israel’s focus in the strategic dialogue with the United States.

Israel wanted to exhaust all diplomatic options, Mofaz said, but added that “if we cannot stop progress” toward an Iranian nuclear bomb through diplomacy, “there are other options.”

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