Kristallnacht marked in Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires Jews marked the 69th anniversary of Kristallnacht with a special concert.

The Nov. 14 concert, organized by the DAIA local Jewish political umbrella association, was performed at the symbolic Immigrants Hotel by the Sinfonic Buenos Aires Orchestra. The DAIA said the purpose of the concert was to honor victims of the European pogrom and to renew the commitment with memory, democracy, freedom and life.


The night before, on Nov. 13th, the local Bnai Brith along with the Ecumenicist Committee and Inter religious Dialogue of the Buenos Aires Arquidiocesis paid tribute to the Nazi Pogrom victims at the historic San Ignacio Parish Church, in downtown Buenos Aires. The ceremony, supported by the Jewish Christian Argentine Fraternity organization, had its most emotional moments when the Hebraica Sharim Chorus performed Hebrew and Yiddish songs.


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