Iran strike will have ‘domino effect


A threat against Iran will have a ripple effect throughout the Middle East, warned Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator.

Saeed Jalili also told reporters in Tehran Thursday that Iran had a right to develop nuclear power for peaceful purposes and that it was promoting peace and stability in Iraq.

“The world knows that any meddling in Iran’s security will have a domino effect,” Jalili said.

Jalili’s remarks came the same day as the 35-member nation board of the International Atomic Energy Agency began meeting in Vienna to discuss a report on the progress of the IAEA’s investigation of Iran’s nuclear program, prepared by IAEA head Mohamed ElBaradei.

ElBaradei told the meeting that the agency knows less today about Iran’s nuclear program than it did a year ago.

Iran recently announced that it had 3000 working centrifuges, which could enrich enough plutonium to create a nuclear weapon in under two years.

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