AIPAC: Intelligence makes case against Iran


AIPAC says a U.S. national intelligence estimate bolsters the case to isolate Iran.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee was reacting to a report that the assessments by all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies, declassified this week, is that Iran suspended a nuclear weapons program in 2003.

AIPAC spokesman Josh Block told JTA that if anything, the report showed that Iran had advanced further than was publicly known.

“Far from acquitting Iran, the NIE reveals that Tehran continues to violate the international community’s calls to end the pursuit of the fuel cycle and the ability to make highly enriched uranium, concludes that Iran has utilized and has at its disposal a hidden, secret second unacknowledged, unmonitored track for enriching bomb fuel, and has engaged in a nuclear weaponization program, an assessment never before made public by the American intelligence community,” Block said. “All in all, it’s a clarion call for additional and continued effort to pressure Iran economically and politically to end its illicit nuclear programs.”

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