Ultra-rightists disturb Budapest ceremony



Three ultra-right demonstrators were arrested for disturbing a Chanukah ceremony in Budapest.

At the annual public candelighting Tuesday in the capital city’s downtown, the three middle-aged men were removed from a small crowd that was demonstrating with posters and flags, recalling Hungary’s Nazi past. One of those arrested by Hungarian police is well-known for his ultra-right views and is a frequent participant in far-right rallies.

Police tried to separate the demonstrators from the ceremony, which is organized annually by the Lubavitch-Chabad movement.

The demonstrators used sirens to disturb the ceremony and hung a large anti-Semitic poster over the city square, where the outdoor ceremony is held each year. The anti-Israel poster quoted Israeli President Simon Peres’ recent words, when he was discussing Israel’s strong economy, that Israel can afford “to buy up Hungary, Poland and Manhattan.”

Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany condemned the demonstration. The police released the three men a few hours after their arrests, pledging to open legal proceedings against them.


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