World’s largest menorah in Russia?


Officials in the Jewish Autonomous Region of Birobidzhan in Russia’s Far East claim to have built the world’s largest menorah.

Interfax reported that local officials, working in conjunction with the local Chabad rabbi, attached nine projectors onto a television tower, which will be “lit” to symbolize the flames of Chanukah candles.

“According to the old Jewish tradition, two projectors will be lighted today and then each day during the Chanukah week one will be added,” Mayor Alexander Vinnikov said. “We have already tested the stylized chanukiyah and it looked very spectacular and impressive.”

Many people have laid claim to having built the world’s largest menorah. A 32-foot-high glass menorah lit Tuesday in New York City has been making news as this year’s “world’s largest,” but if the information from Birobidzhan is accurate, its menorah will stand at least 1,280 times higher than its counterpart in Manhattan.

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