Group will teach Jewish sex


An Orthodox feminist group will train counselors to discuss sex with prospective brides and grooms.

The Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance is recruiting 10 kallah teachers, women who teach betrothed Orthodox women about Jewish marriage laws, for a course in which they will learn how to talk openly about sex with prospective brides and grooms.

“It was clear that there was nothing out there like it and that it was sorely needed in our Orthodox communities,” said JOFA President Carol Kaufman Newman.

The Drisha Institute and the Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School, both based in New York, are co-sponsoring the program.

In addition to learning the relevant marriage laws, participants in the four-day pilot course must be comfortable with the idea of talking about sexual intimacy to groups of both men and women.

The all-expenses-paid workshop will be held March 2-5 in New York. Application forms are available at and must be submitted by Dec. 31.

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