ADL asks candidates to tone down immigration debate


The Anti-Defamation League asked presidential candidates to refrain from anti-immigrant rhetoric.

The anti-bias group sent a letter to the major party presidential candidates requesting that they refrain from using language that demonizes and dehumanizes minorities, particularly Hispanics.

“While there are many legitimate and sincere perspectives in the national conversation about illegal immigration and immigration in general, we are deeply troubled by some of the rhetoric accompanying this debate,” said Glen S. Lewy, ADL National Chair, and Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director.

“In our view, demonizing illegal immigrants has the effect of demonizing many minorities, particularly Hispanics, regardless of their citizenship status. It is contrary to the high ideals upon which our nation – a nation of immigrants – was founded.”

The ADL also sent the candidates a summary of its recent report, “Immigrants Targeted,” which documents how anti-immigrant propaganda has become a mainstream phenomena and begun to cultivate an environment where fear and hatred can thrive.

“In the coming months, we hope the candidates will set an example of how immigration policy can be debated respectfully,” said Lewy and Foxman.

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