Anti-Semitic newspaper distributed in Tblisi


A newspaper accusing Jews of plotting to “shed the blood” of Georgians was distributed in Tblisi.

According to the Tblisi Bureau of the UCSJ: Union of Councils for Jews in the Former Soviet Union, the newspaper issued by the political movement Axali Sitkva calls for its readers to “say no to Jewish mason spies!” and claims that “other people’s property to a Jew is like an abandoned thing, the owner of it is the Jew who will appropriate it. For the Jew to acquire it, Georgians blood should be shed in the streets.”

The paper is distributed in the Georgia capital’s subway stations. 

The UCSJ report did not state what reaction, if any, has come from the police or the Jewish community to the distribution of the anti-Semitic newspaper, which violates Georgia’s laws against ethnic incitement.



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