Ross, Indyk, Holbrooke: Vote Footlik


Jay Footlik just sent out an e-mail with a joint endorsement letter signed by Dennis Ross, Martin Indyk, Richard Holbrooke, Jim Rosapepe and Marc Ginsberg.

Over the past six years, we have watched in shock and disbelief as the disastrous foreign policies of George Bush have tragically increased turmoil and chaos across the globe, endangering the fundamental security of the American people. In the Middle East, our leaders’ penchant for relying on military force and a botched attempt to impose democracy, have made the situation there more dire than it has been in decades. The neglect of diplomacy threatens critical American interests throughout the region.

We must elect new leaders who understand today’s geopolitics and are prepared to discard the cowboy diplomacy that has marred the 21st century. We need leaders who have the sophistication to deal with complex affairs of state and the competence to create a constructive dialogue where necessary to ease tensions around the globe.

That’s why we are supporting Jay Footlik for Congress.

Having worked with Jay in the Clinton White House, we know him to be a dedicated and talented public servant. He is committed to the highest values for which America stands and possesses the knowledge and understanding of current international issues that will allow him to be a productive force in the formulation of policy ideas in the United States House of Representatives.

Jay will take to Congress a unique background and practical experience that allows him to comprehend the root causes of the conflicts in the Middle East. He has a strong desire to get our country back on track – both in our dealings abroad and at home. In particular, Jay has unique insight into the most critical problems facing our country today – resolving the war in Iraq, dealing with the threat of an Iranian nuclear force, and reducing our dependence on oil.

Electing Jay Footlik will give the people of the 10th district of Illinois a representative who will put principle overself-preservation, and a patriot who will put what?s best for the country over the demands of private interests.

Hon. Richard Holbrooke
Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.

Hon. Martin Indyk
Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel

Hon. Jim Rosapepe
Former U.S. Ambassador to Romania

Hon. Dennis Ross
Former Special Middle East Envoy

Hon. Marc Ginsberg
Former U.S. Ambassador to Morocco

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