Poll: Centrist Israelis more patriotic


Politically centrist Israelis are generally more patriotic than right- or left-wingers, a survey found.

According to a poll published Tuesday in the Ma’ariv newspaper, 73 percent of Israelis with middle-of-the-road political views professed to love their country, compared to 71 percent of right-wingers and 63 percent of left-wingers.

Just 10 percent of the overall Israeli population said it was not at all patriotic.

The survey also found that Israeli patriotism was more pronounced among those with higher-than-average incomes, as well as those who defined themselves as Orthodox or traditional in religious views rather than secular.

The more embattled Israeli communities showed signs of being more committed to the state.

Asked if they would be willing to fight for the country, 75 percent of respondents living just outside the Gaza Strip and within Palestinian rocket range, or on the Lebanese border, answered “to a very large degree.” Among the general Israeli population, 69 percent of people felt the same way.

The poll had 850 respondents. Its margin of error was not given.

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