Holocaust Torah to be dedicated in Utah


A Torah scroll that survived the Holocaust and was discovered by a Mormon antique dealer will be dedicated.


Brent Ashworth found the Torah in a store in Provo, Utah, according to an article on the Chabad.org Web site. A section had been cut out and placed in a frame upside down.

Rabbi Benny Zippel, co-director of the Chabad House in Salt Lake City, also discovered that all of Genesis and Deuteronomy and parts of Exodus and Numbers were missing. The rabbi purchased the Torah and sent it to a Torah scribe for restoration.

The scribe, Rabbi Moshe Klein of Crown Heights, N.Y., determined that the scroll survived the Holocaust based on markings on its back. It took nine months to repair and complete the new sections.


The scroll will be dedicated in Salt Lake City on Thursday, when its final letters will be completed.




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