NCYI urges ‘Shabbat Yerushalayim


The National Council of Young Israel urged followers to focus on Jerusalem this Shabbat.

The dissemination of liturgical and study material to member synagogues for a “Shabbat Yerushalayim” comes as the National Council has taken a lead in rallying Diaspora Jewish opposition to any concessions on Jerusalem in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

Jerusalem and the Land of Israel “are the centerpieces of our lives as Jews,” Shlomo Mostofsky, the president of the umbrella body for 150 modern Orthodox congregations throughout North America, said in a statement. “It is essential that we place a renewed emphasis on the holy city that is the nucleus of our people. Shabbat Yerushalayim is intended to highlight the virtues of our capital and to remind people of the special place that Yerushalayim should have in our heart and soul.”

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