Israeli officers to Olmert: Be a gentleman


Fifty Israeli reserve army officers protested Ehud Olmert’s pledge to stay in office even if he is faulted over the Second Lebanon War.

The group of reservist captains and majors, all veterans of the 2006 offensive against Lebanese Hezbollah, sent Olmert a letter this week demanding he accept responsibility for the war’s setbacks.

The move added to pressure on the prime minister ahead of the Jan. 30 publication of the final report of the Winograd Committee of inquiry into the war.

“Declare that you will accept the conclusions of the final Winograd Committee report, that you take responsibility for your failings in the Second Lebanon War and that you draw the requisite personal conclusions,” urges the letter, which was leaked to the press.

It further lambastes Olmert for saying he will remain in office even if the Winograd Committee recommends that he resign.

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