Debate Moment: Huckabee thinks there were WMD in Iraq and Saddam moved them to … Jordan!?!


Mike Huckabee says that just because we didn’t find WMD in Iraq doesn’t mean they weren’t there. Afterwards, in an interview with Chris Matthews, Huckabee says that the WMD probably were moved to Jordan.

Josh Marshall notes that he probably meant to spout the neocon line that Saddam snuck them to Syria. Then again, Israeli/Jewish rightists think the Palestinian state should be in Jordan – but Huckabee says put it in Egypt or Saudi Arabia. Either the former Arkansas governor has trouble keeping his Middle East facts straight, or he’s operating from a completely original playbook.

Of course, to be fair to Huckabee, this week there seems to be quite a number of Palestinians interested in getting into Egypt …

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