Olmert deplores resurgent anti-Semitism


Sixty-two years after the liberation of Auschwitz, anti-Semitism is still a threat to Diaspora Jews, Ehud Olmert said.

The Israeli prime minister opened Sunday’s meeting of his Cabinet with remarks on international Holocaust Memorial Day.

“Today, Jan. 27, the liberation of Auschwitz camp is marked throughout the world,” he said. “But today is also a day for the fight against anti-Semitism.”

Referring to Israeli figures showing a resurgence of anti-Semitism in many parts of Europe, Olmert added that “to our regret, the phenomenon of anti-Semitism continues to seep and spread through the consciousness of various nations, and is also manifested in serious attacks on Jews.”

Olmert’s government was hit hard last year by revelations of the substandard state welfare benefits afforded Holocaust survivors in Israel. He has since ordered redress.



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