Poland to investigate anti-Semitic priest


Polish prosecutors will investigate alleged anti-Semitic statements by a controversial priest.

Tadeusz Rydzyk, the founder of a Catholic radio station known for its anti-Semitic broadcasts, for many years has angered Jewish groups by airing commentaries offensive to Jews on Radio Maryja.

Last year the Redemptorist priest reportedly gave a lecture lambasting Polish president President Lech Kaczynski for supporting the Jewish museum to open in Warsaw in 2009. He iwas quoted as saying that Kaczynski was catering to the “Jewish lobby.”

According to the magazine Wprost, which says it taped Rydzyk’s speech at a Polish university, he also referred to Jews as “greedy” in comments about their efforts for the restitution of property stolen by the Nazis and communists.

The investigation, approved by a court in Torun, was initiated by the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland, a Jewish umbrella group based in Warsaw.


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