Alleged child molester can be extradited


An alleged child molester who fled to Israel from the United States two decades ago can be extradited.

A Jerusalem court made the ruling Sunday in the case of Abraham Mondrowitz, 60, a Ger Chasid from Brooklyn who was arrested last November after a second extradition request was made two months earlier.

Mondrowitz has the right to appeal the extradition ruling to Israel’s Supreme Court.

He fled the United States as police in New York were close to arresting him on charges of sexually abusing children at his unlicensed private home clinic, The Associated Press reported.

The original extradition request from 1985 was rejected because at the time, sodomy was not an extraditable offense under the extradition treaty between Israel and America, Ha’aretz reported. The treaty has since been amended to include all crimes whose imprisonment is more than one year.

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