Obama: Moran’s my friend, but don’t worry


Barack Obama’s campaign is clearly aware that the endorsement from U.S. Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) might rub some Jews the wrong way, given his assertion in 2003 that the Iraq war would not happen without Jewish support.

Here’s a statement that the Obama campaign has put out to address any potential concern in the Jewish community:

“Senator Obama has received the support of millions of Americans who are inspired by his vision for change, and he welcomes that support. There are clear instances where he disagrees with views expressed by individual supporters, and that is the case with Congressman Moran’s comments on the Jewish community’s role in the decision to wage war in Iraq. Senator Obama is proud of his close and longstanding ties to the Jewish community, and blames Washington’s failed conventional thinking for a war in Iraq that should never have been authorized, and never have been waged.”

At the Virginia Democrats’ Jefferson-Jackson dinner on Saturday night, Obama thanked Moran, calling him “a wonderful congressman and a great friend.” Hillarly Clinton also acknowledged Moran, along with the other Democratic members of Virginia’s congressional delegation, but was less effusive in doing so.

For the record, Moran has apologized for the remark about the Iraq war. And, let us not forget, some of his best daughters are Jewish.

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