Ann Coulter lied to me


Reader mail:

Dear JTA,

My father thought I should email you this story. My name is Marc Friend and I am a student at the George Washington University. Recently Ann Coulter came to speak at G.W. and I was able to get a ticket, even though I am a Jewish Liberal. So, Ann Coulter gave her usual liberal bashing speech and then opened it up for questions. I got in line to ask her a question and when it was my turn, I said the following.

“Thank you Ms. Coulter for coming, my name is Marc Friend, I am a sixth generation American and one of the proudest Americans you will ever find. In an earlier interview, you said that Jews were imperfect Christians, as a Jew I was wondering how am I imperfect ?” She responded by saying that she never said anything like that and this is an example how the liberals make things up that she never said.

For the record here is the Fox news story on her interview, followed by the YouTube Video of it.,2933,301216,00.html

So, there is my story of how Ann Coulter lied to me. Thank you for your time.

Marc Friend

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