Rabbis’ group targets Gaza blockade


The North American Rabbis for Human Rights joined its Israeli partner in calling for an end to the blockade of the Gaza Strip.

“As rabbis in North America committed to supporting the security of Israel and the Jewish tradition of human rights, we join our Israeli colleagues of Rabbis for Human Rights in calling for an immediate cessation of the collective punishment through Israel’s blockade of Gaza and Palestinians’ firing of Kassam rockets into Israeli civilian areas,” a statement issued Tuesday said. “We join them in affirming that ‘Only a concerted effort aimed at getting all parties to honor God’s Image within every human being, as well as international law, can stop this unfolding desecration of all that we hold sacred.’ ”

The Israeli Rabbis for Human Rights routinely targets what it calls the occupation, but commenting on Israeli events is unusual for the North American branch, which focuses on human rights in the United States.

Israel is blockading Gaza in a bid to end a barrage of rocket attacks facilitated by Gaza’s Hamas rulers.

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