The Nation runs rejected Israel ad


The left-wing journal The Nation ran a pro-Israel advertisement rejected earlier by Ms. Magazine.

The ad, paid for by the American Jewish Congress, features three prominent Israeli women under the caption “This Is Israel.”

“We are delighted that The Nation has seen fit to share with its readers our message highlighting the role of women as national leaders in Israel,” said AJCongress President Richard Gordon in a statement.

“We know that The Nation is home to a continuing debate about Israeli policies and practices. And yet, The Nation did not feel any need to ‛protect’ its readers from an expression of admiration for the achievements of these three top Israeli women.”

Ms. Magazine had turned down the ad in November, with its editor claiming the publication considered it a political endorsement because two of the women were from the same party. The AJCongress said it considered that explanation “specious.”


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