Austrians tire of Holocaust burden


Most Austrians want an end to the debate about their country’s role in giving rise to Nazi Germany, a poll found.

A survey released Tuesday found that 60 percent of Austrians want the debate about this period in history to end, while 36 want it to continue.

The data showed that while there has been a slight rise in the number of Austrians seeking to revisit the issue, the majority remain solidly against.

Though Austria enthusiastically persecuted its Jews and contributed many top-ranking officials to the Third Reich, Vienna since the end of World War II has sought to distance itself from responsibility for the Nazis.

Wednesday marks the 70th anniversary of the Anschluss in which the Austria-born Adolf Hitler annexed his native land to Germany.

The poll, commissioned by the social research institute SWS, had 509 respondents. A margin of error was not given.


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