State Dept. targets anti-Semitism


A U.S. State Department report on anti-Semitism targets its manifestation as anti-Zionism and excoriates its appearance in the U.N. system.

The 94-page report published Thursday departs from traditional State Department reports on other forms of discrimination and other human rights abuses in addressing overarching themes of anti-Semitism and not simply listing incidents.

“Anti-Semitism has proven to be an adaptive phenomenon,” the introduction says. “New forms of anti-Semitism have evolved. They often incorporate elements of traditional anti-Semitism. However, the distinguishing feature of the new anti-Semitism is criticism of Zionism or Israeli policy that – whether intentionally or unintentionally – has the effect of promoting prejudice against all Jews by demonizing Israel and Israelis and attributing Israel’s perceived faults to its Jewish character.”

It targets governments that sponsor anti-Semitism, including in Iran, Syria, Belarus, Venezuela, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Also cited is how Israel is singled out in the United Nations.

“Regardless of the intent, disproportionate criticism of Israel as barbaric and unprincipled, and corresponding discriminatory measures adopted in the U.N. against Israel, have the effect of causing audiences to associate negative attributes with Jews in general, thus fueling anti-Semitism,” it says.

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