Italian FM calls for talks with Hamas


Israel’s ambassador to Italy blasted a call by the Italian foreign minister for talks between Hamas and the Jewish state.

“Those who invite us to open negotiations with Hamas are asking us to discuss the measurements of our coffins and the number of flowers to put in the wreaths,” Italian newspapers quoted Israeli envoy Gideon Meir as saying.

Earlier in the week, Foreign Minister Massimo D’Alema had told reporters that the peace process would have trouble moving ahead “without engaging in dialogue with the Palestinians who govern Gaza.”

The Italian media reported that Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, in a speech from Gaza broadcast on Arab TV, welcomed D’Alema’s stand.

“The European Union’s position is improving,” Haniyeh said. “They realized that it was a mistake not to negotiate with Hamas. We especially appreciate the statement made by Massimo D’Alema.”

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