Barak rival turns April fool


An Israeli radio station brought on an Ehud Barak impersonator for an April Fools’ prank.

The station, 90FM, made an on-air call Tuesday to Amir Peretz, Barak’s predecessor as defense minister and Labor Party chief, to test his gullibility.

Posing as Barak, the impersonator asked Peretz to bury the hatchet following a recent spate of mutual attacks in the media.

“Maybe we can talk about bringing you into the government?” the fake Barak asked Peretz, whose intrigued reaction was captured by television cameras and then broadcast on the nightly news during a roundup of April Fools’ pranks.

Peretz cautiously suggested that offer be left until the two men meet. The impersonator then gave himself away with a statement of affection that few would expect from Barak, a steely former general.

“Amir, you know there is always a warm place in my heart for you,” he said.

Peretz laughed, spotted the cameras, and said, “I’m beginning to get suspicious here.”

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