Belarusan children mark Israel’s 60th



Children in Belarus are celebrating Israel’s 60th anniversary

A four-day event for children, “Israel: Young Country with Ancient History,” is being held in the capital city of Minsk. The event was organized by the cultural and information center of the Israeli Embassy and the Minsk Central Children’s Library.

“Our main aim is to foster tolerance among Belarusan children,” a representative of the embassy’s Israeli cultural and information center told JTA. “They can also learn interesting facts about Israel.”

The event includes a CD presentation about Israel, an exhibition of posters of the works of well-known Israeli artists and a display of Israeli books. Children are also taking part in quizzes about Israel. The winners will receive prizes on Thursday, the last day of the event.

“Children participating in the event are not necessarily Jewish children,” the embassy representative said. “It’s very important for us to tell the young people of all nationalities that live in Belarus about Israel.”


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