Nini concert protested in Spain



A man carrying a Palestinian flag and shouting anti-Israeli slogans disrupted a concert by an Israeli singer in Tulsa, Spain.

The man was arrested by the police at Achinoam Nini’s weekend show but witnesses said the singer, visibly upset, had to be convinced by the crowd to return to her performance.



In 2002, a Nini performance in London was broken off after protesters burst onto the stage and took the microphone from the singer’s hands.



“There were close to 80 protestors outside who shouted slogans against us. They prepared pictures of Achinoam wearing a soldier’s helmet and other posters with slogans against Israel,” Nini’s producer Ofer Pesanzon told Y-net.



“They launched a war against Achinoam because she’s not afraid to say what she thinks, and therefore she represents Israel in their eyes. I tried talking to them, but I could tell they had been brainwashed, it was impossible to communicate with them,” Pesanzon was told the Israeli Web site.

Nini’s seven shows in Spain were sold out weeks in advance.

“It’s a shame it had to happen, but it made me proud to be an Israeli. I hope that my next show would be at a peace concert of Israelis and Palestinians. This will prove to these demonstrators how wrong they are,” Nini was quoted in Y-net.




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