Peres finishes Torah in Warsaw


Shimon Peres inscribed the final letters of a new Torah scroll used by the Chabad Jewish community center in Warsaw.

The Israeli president took part in the ceremony Thursday at the presidiential palace in Warsaw as part of the commemorations for the 65th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising against the Nazis.

“The Nazis violated the Jewish people in body, but they could not touch the life and soul of our people: the Torah,” Peres said.

Rabbi Sholom Stambler, the Chabad representative to Poland and head of Warsaw’s Chabad center, blessed Peres at the palace. Afterward, the Israeli leader carried the Torah scroll out of the palace and through the courtyard while under the chuppah canopy, in a traditional procession of dancing and singing.

The Torah was then installed in Warsaw’s Chabad center.

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