Far-right Moscow rally demonizes Jews


Far-right nationalists praised terrorism and demonized Jews at a rally in Moscow.


Police did not respond as about 400 far-right nationalists cheered as speakers called for the murder of various government officials, praised terrorist methods and demonized Jews, the Russian national daily Kommersant reported.


Saturday’s rally took place in Triumph Square. The rally was attended by members of the National Great Power Party of Russia, the Union of Orthodox Standard Bearers, and the neo-Nazi Slavic Union. The demonstrators held signs condemning “Jewish fascism” and the “Jewish mafia” and calling on Slavic women to “guard the purity of your race,” according to a report by the UCSJ: Union of Councils for Jews in the Former Soviet Union.

Speakers also called for the release of Vladimir Kvachkov, who was sentenced to prison for his role in an assassination plot against a Jewish government official.

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