Iranians ‘shocked’ at new Syria talks


Iran’s leadership reportedly is “in shock” at news of renewed Israeli-Syrian talks.

Israeli radio stations, quoting Arab media, reported on Friday that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was “stunned” and “furious” at this week’s news of renewed talks, mediated by Turkey.

Ahmadinejad regards the talks as a “breach” of Iranian-Syrian commitments, the reports said, and Iranian authorities have instructed Iranian media not to report the news about Israel and Syria until Iran prepares a statement. Other media also have noted Iran’s silence on the matter.

Israel’s main goal in the talks is to peel Syria away from Iranian influence, shutting down a critical supply line to Hezbollah, the Lebanese terrorist group that still poses a threat to Israel’s north. Syria and Israel plan to resume talks in Istanbul in the next week or so, officials in Turkey and Israel said.

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