Israel holds Iranian immigrant as spy


Israel is holding an Iranian Jew on espionage charges.

The unnamed suspect, who immigrated to Israel from Iran but later moved abroad, was charged in Tel Aviv District Court on Sunday with conducting illicit contacts with enemy agents.

He was detained on May 8 after visiting Israel and, according to the Shin Bet, confessed while in custody to spying for Iran.

According to a statement put out by the Israeli security service, during 2006 the suspect visited the Iranian Consulate in Istanbul on several occasions and was recruited by Iranian intelligence. He gave them the names of several Israelis whom he believes work for the security service, according to the Shin Bet.

It was not immediately clear how the suspect is pleading to the charges.

Israeli law does not ban travel to Iran, but the Shin Bet keeps a close eye on Iranian immigrants for fear they could be recruited as spies.

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