German locals to protest right-wing center


An anti-extremist group in Germany is planning to demonstrate against plans to create a far-right training center in Lower Saxony.

Hamburg-based lawyer Juergen Rieger, who was recently elected one of three heads of the far-right National Democratic Party, wants to launch the center at a defunct army site in the town of Dörverden.

Plans for the so-called Heisenhof center are on hold while the courts decide whether the site may be used for anything other than agricultural purposes.

The Bremen-based Association Against Right-Wing Extremism says it won’t stay silent.

Spokesman Bernward Nuttgen told a local Protestant news agency that the groups wants “to make it clear that the Nazis have not simply gone away during the legal tug of war over the Heisenhof.”

Rieger, who gained notoriety defending jailed Holocaust denier Ernst Zuendel and has served jail time on charges of inciting hatred, reportedly bought the property four years ago for about $380,000 in the name of a controversial London-based foundation.

His party has fewer than 8,000 members nationwide and representatives on two state parliaments.



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