The News Shticker: Bahrain sends U.S. a Jewish ambassador

  • Popular web technology blog Mashable will be holding a conference in Israel next week.
  • Over at Jerusalemite, Michael Yaari has 31 facts to celebrate 41 years of Jerusalem’s reunification.
  • The Forward reports on Ivanka Trump’s disappointment in Tel Aviv’s lack of five star accommodations.
  • The San Diego Jewish Journal profiles Shoshanah Jacobs, a nice Jewish girl who just so happens to lead Arctic expeditions.
  • Rabbi David S. Gruber, an Orthodox rabbi and former RCA member, outs himself as an atheist and secular humanist.
  • Jack Wertheimer has a lengthy piece in this month’s issue of Commentary which questions whether Reform Judaism’s tolerance for individualism and pluralism will see to its demise.
  • Bahrain has appointed a Jewish woman to be its ambassador to the United States.
  • The Denver Post writes on the failure of rabbis and synagogues to integrate interfaith families, and the end result for individuals’ Judaism.
  • Matisyahu is on his first trip to Jamaica.
  • Newly discovered recordings reveal President Lyndon Johnson’s feelings about Israel.
  • Israel Gutman, a research director at Israeli Holocaust museum Yad Vashem, has condemned Germany’s new memorial commemorating homosexuals killed during the Holocaust.
  • IHT columnist William Pfaff says that Israel’s refusal to end the occupation of the Palestinian territories has insured the nation’s end.
  • Diamond magnate Lev Leviev organizes a bris at the grave of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.
  • And for those who missed it, executives at Bear Stearns find religion.

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